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Google Local Advertising

Dominate your market

We help local businesses grow by targeting the most relevant local audience to communicate with your company

You can rest thanks to our continuous support via email, telephone or Skype

With strategic bid strategy management we reduce your costs and increase your profit

See below what our package with Google Local Advertising includes:

Bidding strategy management

Daily performance optimization

Quality of traffic improvement

Support via email, phone and Skype

Research and reporting & Click fraud monitoring

Month to month campaign scaling

Creative process management

Daily budget optimization

How can you benefit from Google's Search Network?

As a local company, it can be difficult to be noticed. One of the many benefits of Local Advertising with Google is that you can easily share more information with your customers, such as store opening times, contact details and location.

So the next time someone searches online for 'best pizza place in my area', they will find you.