My name is Patryk Schulmeister and I am the creator of this platform. A platform that helps you run a business. Being here means that you are looking for solutions that can increase your sales.

AdTraffic was born out of a passion for marketing, a passion for sharing knowledge and others. I've been dealing with marketing since I remember - my entire professional life, that's more than 20 years ago. I worked for both large companies and small companies. During this time I learned, among other things, that there is nothing more boring than the status quo. Rely on known, proven and ineffective solutions, paths, roads, etc. If something is bad or works poorly, you have to change it! That is why I set up AdTraffic - to change the marketing area in the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector.

Share your opinion, comments and advice, Praise is also welcome. My goal is to create an environment that is clear, simple, transparent and intuitive to you. An environment in which you feel good. That is why I am not saying goodbye to myself with a wall - I am at your disposal at [email protected]


Because the marketing market has forgotten you! You are placed among large companies that pay their agencies for service from a few tens to a few million euros per month. There is a two choice to set up everything yourself. You must own all tools such as marketing automotion, sales automotion or Google-Ads, Facebook-Ads etc ... You must learn how to use these. In summary - you either spend a lot of money on marketing or become a marketer instead of focusing on building your business.
Both choices make no sense.

AdTraffic comes with a ready-made solution. You get the most effective marketing tools together with the service that is adapted to the size of your company and budget. You can work with us from 140, - USD per month.

Since 2012, AdTraffic has recruited a significant team of partners and colleagues and now delivers exceptional PPC, website development and Conversion Rate Optimization services to a long list of satisfied customers. As always, we remain focused on exceptional results for our customers. Our innovative digital marketing process is based on a rigorous methodology, constant testing and a good dose of passion for success - and that is why it really works.


Patryk Schulmeister

CEO and Founder

I look forward to our pleasant cooperation!